2017 – Making it work for you!

January 03, 2017

Just a couple of days now before most of us return to create the momentum of work in 2017, diving deep into execution mode. Many of us have made some fantastic New Year Resolutions…. I made a few too. Some with full belief in what could be achieved and some honestly speaking where I don’t quite trust my ability but have that burning hunger and passion to achieve, reach the summit and live my dreams! Chances are that there are a good number of people like me in the world aspiring to live their dreams.

So, why read any further?

3 Simple Reasons:

  1. Our views could conflict and your responses may help me and others learn from your experiences and get better at our game. That’s a great purpose to start with
  2. Our views could match and validation being a result, you could continue propelling ahead with greater gust
  3. We all need encouragement and steer from time to time – you may find some new ideas, inspiration or a fresh insight to follow

So, take it as a no fuss, bullet point thought list on how you can get your 2017 dreams come to life for you:

  • Positivity – Possibly the most important aspect of achieving and living our stretched and almost impossible to achieve dreams. Positivity keeps us on course with our curious , exploratory mode on, helping overcome, challenging barriers thrown at us from time to time by our inner less-confident self not to mention external influences that may be less encouraging. I find it useful to mention Paulo Coehlo’s quote here ” And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – The Alchemist. So, stay positive. 
  • We are all capable of achieving wonderful things –  The first thing i learnt at my coaching program is that we must unlearn our biases and start believing in the fundamental fact that all humans are capable of achieving truly wonderful things! There is not enough space here for the inspiring people examples i would like to give – some you will know and others you could google to learn about. All are high achievers in different fields, dreamt big and pursued their dreams. Abdul Sattar Edhi & Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan), Elon Musk (US), Sir William Robertson & Sir Richard Branson (UK), Mahavir Singh, Mary Kom and Milkha Singh (India), Nelson Mandela (South Africa), His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Dubai, UAE) & Mahathir Mohamed (Malaysia) to name a few. Arguably, a couple of these personalities were resourceful – the focus is not that but the impact they have had on the world. Human beings they are like us, why should our dreams be any less. So dream BIG & be limitless!
  • Weave your Purpose and Passion into your Dreams When you dream BIG, make sure your purpose and your personal brand identity is weaved into it. Without this, dreams may be hollow. To understand more, i encourage you to listen to Simon Senek talk about The Golden Circles and apply the test to your dreams.
  • Turn Dreams into Goals – Once your dream state is set and you can articulate it, it would be practical to form a staircase of goals leading you to the fulfilment of your dreams and resolutions . Treat every step as a milestone and let every achievement fuel your positivity.  Find meaning in every stair you climb. Get self-inspired and intrinsically motivated.
  • Focus & Resilience These 2 attributes are critical to realizing your dream goals. Look at someone working out in the gym to get six pack washboard abs and you will understand what I mean. Nothing comes easy or free, anything disruptive and challenging needs perseverance, courage and energy. What i do know is that success is addictive and this is why its important to have goals divided into staircase steps as ascending each step will fuel and power up the journey. I have a colleague and senior at work who amongst other leadership qualities lives and breathes tenacity. A high achiever at work, no surprise he scores high on fitness too. He has been infectiously inspiring in helping us stay fit as he inspired us by building his performance upwards from running marathons, to triathlons and eventually becoming an ironman. His high performance expectations bar at work is no less and we were all sync’d up in outperforming. What attributed to our success was doing two things – “staying focussed” and ” being positively resilient”.
  • Be Bold & Speak Up – To achieve, one must learn to take risk & practice courage. Part of this is speaking up, having your ideas and thoughts heard, get considered, criticised and improved! I recall my teacher at school saying that “the only stupid idea is one that is not spoken”. Ever seen someone else speak your mind – its because they spoke before you. It’s so important to give yourself permission to speak even if your voice shakes. Practice this often and you will find yourself an authentic way to influence and get things going for you.
  • Enjoy along the way – Depending on how big a stretch your goal is, chances are that it will take considerable time and effort to achieve it. Remember to enjoy life along the way, making time for friends and family. Time passes quickly and work obsession can sometimes put us in a blind spot where cherished moments slip by. Be mindful, celebrate life as you live it.
  • Calibrate, Tune Up and keep moving on – No simpler way to describe this, other than the highlighted text itself! Flexibility is key, adjust to circumstances and the environment while maintaining momentum. Some may call it jumping hoops, I call it adaptive agility.

If you have stayed with me till here, it gives me great hope. Hope that you will look at your New Year resolutions, dream bigger, focus and achieve the extra ordinary! Take your chances as you only live once. All the best in living your dreams in 2017.


By Nadeem Baig – Chartered MCIPD 

Nadeem Baig , Chartered MCIPD