Who We Are
SWITCH People Solutions is an executive recruitment company that connects performance-oriented businesses with exceptional human talent. We assist outstanding people to find the best workplace opportunities – to accelerate mutual growth. We nourish people potential, careers, and in turn, our clients businesses.

Our solution assists corporate clients who have specific talent needs and candidates who want a career change or a challenge. Moving jobs is like getting married or moving house. It is a highly emotional decision and we genuinely care about assisting our candidates to make the best choices – for themselves and the companies they serve.

We work across multiple industries with special experience and networks in the Financial Services, FMCG, Supply Chain, Telecommunications, ITC, Retail, Mining, Procurement, Marketing and Events sectors.

We are a generalist business that does not only focus on sector specific talent, but rather talent that is exceptional. We would love the opportunity to partner you.

What We Stand For
SWITCH is committed to placing people where they will thrive. We are talent scouts and understand the importance of matching exceptional talent to organisational culture, the inter-relationship of work and life.

Our values are:

  • People First
  • Absolute Integrity
  • Shared Success
  • Delivery-driven
  • Tenacity
Our Track Record and Partnership
SWITCH People Solutions is a partnership between SWITCH and the Raizcorp Group. Utilising the proven track record of Raizcorp, incubating highly successful entrepreneurial businesses combined with the extensive executive recruitment capability of the SWITCH team.

Graham Utian – CEO

SWITCH is headed up by Graham Utian, an executive recruiter who has over 25 years of Senior Management and Board experience. This includes over 12 years of experience in Executive Recruitment and HR Consulting, having previously built and maintained the success of other global search brands. Graham has placed numerous executives across industries, has experience working with shareholders of Fortune 500 companies, and continues to maintain meaningful relationships with many of these executives.

Furthermore, the team consists of switched-on research capabilities, expert marketing and sales, finance, strategy and personal guidance.

Client Recommendations
I had the opportunity to engage with Graham when searching for talent to match our company’s growth agenda. Graham has a great understanding of the ICT industry, a strong appreciation of the evolving attributes of ICT leadership roles and was consequently able to assist in identifying a strong talent pipeline.
Lee Naik, Head: Technology Consulting at Accenture, great understanding of the ICT industry

Graham is a true professional with a firm grip and understanding of the South African Executive search industry. He displays a superior understanding of the South African political context and is best placed to offer sound advice to companies in search of diverse human talent. He is sound, meticulous and of a pleasant disposition
William Goldstone: Management and Strategy Consulting, Superior understanding of the South African political context

Graham assisted me as Group CIO of ABSA Bank to search for the best IT leadership talent in South Africa during 2009/10 . He found me excellent candidates from a wide spectrum of industries in the IT world and enabled me to establish and build one of the best IT Exco’s in a corporate listed company in South Africa.
Len de Villiers: Group CIO – Telkom South Africa, Enabled one of the best IT Exco’s in a corporate listed company

Graham is a true professional – he delivers results and on commitments.
Mteto Nyati: Managing Director, Microsoft South Africa, Delivers results

Graham was excellent in understanding both my and the client’s needs. He was well connected and networked into the organisation. Provided sound advice and drove the deal to completion. Great experience all around!
Nilay Naik: Executive at First Republic Capital (Pty) Ltd, Excellent in understanding my needs

Graham is a consummate professional, leading by example in the arena of executive search and recruitment. He is well known in multiple industries for his depth of knowledge, ability to instil confidence and capability to act as a trusted advisor to the candidates that he positions in the market place. His reputation precedes his work and he is an industry thought leader.
Sunil Geness : Rainmaker - Advisor at Kwa Zulu Natal Provincial Career Guidance Advisory Committe of the MEC for Education, Known for his depth of knowledge, a trusted advisor, an industry thought leader

Graham has helped us in executive searches of top individuals for our business. He has found good people that fit our culture and passion.
Aviad (Avi) Eyal: Entrée Capital, People that fit our culture and passion

Graham is a highly professional individual with an insightful and creative intellect. He is amiable and approachable with a warm and engaging manner. Graham has a keen insight into people and what makes them tick and knows how to spot talent.
Riad Masoet: Founder, Purple Cow Ventures, A creative intellect, keen insight into people and what makes them tick

Graham is a great resource in understanding and defining your organization’s recruiting strategies. He has a number of years of diversified experience in various different industry verticals. Graham tenacity and focused approach is refreshing and respected. He is a great asset to any organization looking to scale up and expand. In working with Graham, I found him to be very knowledgeable and a consumate business professional.
Norman Rabulanyana: L Vhuralani Consulting (Talent Solutions), Focused approach, refreshing, respected, a consummate professional

Graham is a very driven, self-motivated, hard-working individual with great tenacity. He was a friendly and empathetic Manager and I found him to always be ready with a smile. I found him a pleasure to work with.
Angela Warren: ex Staff Team Member, Great tenacity, empathetic and a pleasure to work with

Graham Utian is one of the best salesmen that I have ever encountered. He is extremely well connected and is always willing to help out if needed. Graham loves people and you can see this straight away by the way he interacts in public. Graham has a superb sense of humour and is able to laugh at himself. He is honest, straightforward and to-the-point, he expects 100% of himself as well as the people he works with. I have had the privilege of working with Graham over a period of 2 years and I can honestly say that they were 2 of the most dynamic and enjoyable 2 years of my life. I highly recommend Graham and wish him all the success with his new venture. 
Martin KJ Langen: Associate at Flint Hyde, Extremely well connected, straight forward, expects 100%