Exceptional Connectivity

We are a professional head-hunting firm that assists exceptional candidates to connect and engage with selected clients.

Exceptional Access

As talent scouts for selected retainer clients, we are always on the look-out. We provide these clients with access to exceptional talent that is not readily available in the marketplace.

Widespread Established Network of Known and Emerging Talent

Our extensive database and networks ensures our clients have access to some of SAs leading talent.

Proven Methodologies

We follow a clinical and proven methodology to ensure effective delivery.

360° Switch Validation Process

We check, validate and consider the candidates from every possible angle to ensure the very best chance of their success in the role. This includes all of the basic checks into education certification, job skill and experience but also our unique reference checking questioning methodology that is outcomes focused and psychographic testing. We routinely also include both credit and criminal checks, including fingerprinting.

Trusted Relationships

We build trust with our candidates that allows us to provide quantified opportunities that fit their skills and requirements.

Corporate Cultural Immersion

Alongside job requirements, we focus on providing a perfect cultural ‘fit’ for clients, to mitigate the likelihood of a personality or value clash.

On-boarding Support

We work closely with our clients to clearly define any support needed, in order to assist the candidate through a successful on-boarding process.

Post-placement Involvement

We continuously engage post-placement with our candidates and clients, ensuring long-term, sustainable relationships and delivery on behalf of the placed candidate, as per expectation.

Competitive Pricing & Unique Guarantee

Our highly competitive pricing model and unique guarantees ensure the comfort required by our clients.

We see ourselves as enablers of shared success – both for our corporate customers and our individual candidates. Our goal is to continuously assist clients in reaching their objectives and give candidates appropriate opportunities to ensure both business and career growth.

Many of our clients retain us to ensure they are given priority around focused delivery and on-going access to our resources. SWITCH also provides a talent mapping solution, enabling our customers to obtain a thorough market overview, should the need arise.