Best Advice: How I Learned to Focus My Energy on Positive Things

March 10, 2015


The best advice I ever received came at the moment I needed it most: “Only spend your time on positive things.” I was just starting up my own business and giving it all. I saw opportunities everywhere, I promised things that were almost impossible to manage, and I wanted everybody to like me. Nothing was impossible: I just had to try harder. Until a major collapse sent me to the hospital for exhaustion. That weeklong stay is when I received the advice that might have saved my life, and definitely improved its quality.

Ever since my friend gave me that advice, I try to invest my time in things that give me energy and people who give me a boost. Surprisingly, that has a side effect: I also notice the positive things more easily. And what better way to show my gratitude for the positivity than by paying it forward?

It’s not as hard as it might seem:

• The other day I received a private message on Twitter from a CEO. He said he voted for me on the election of ICT Lady of the Year and told me to keep it up. It gave me a boost that lasted a few days. So from now on I will make sure to wish people good luck whenever they need it.

• Just before Christmas, somebody I know offered some handmade Christmas cards with our company logo. The cards were beautiful and clearly made with love. Next time I need invitations or cards, I will order them from someone who puts his or her heart in making them, since I am sure the recipient can feel it.

• Somebody tagged me on Facebook in a picture where I was giving a lecture. The accompanying comment was very nice. It made me realize it isn’t such a great effort to compliment people, while the boost they get in return is huge.

• Somebody I helped with his business plan sent me a bouquet of flowers to thank me. It felt so great! Whenever I appreciate somebody’s help, from now on I’ll send him or her flowers too.

Thanks to the advice to only spend my time on positive things, an incredible amount of things brighten my everyday life. I’ve met a great deal of inspiring people. People who take action, who enjoy their job, who share knowledge and connections. People who make me want to brighten other people’s life too.

Do you have any advice that improves everyday life?

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