Leadership Imperatives(during these difficult economics times)

August 22, 2016

After years of being exposed to HR Fraternities in various industries, there is one critical factor, I believe that would supercede any other HR component, namely Leadership. Not a shocker!

The question has always being posed whether Leadership is a natural born phenomenon, or is it built into your management core while being exposed to People Management? My viewpoint is that it can be both or the latter…

Top Employers in South Africa and globally looks at a HR framework with fundamental HR principles and strategies which should aid and gear managers towards becoming optimal leaders. Most importantly and thereafter, leadership assessment (engagement) is validated by employees through Company Cultural Surveys.

Together with these HR tools & Techniques, Leadership training on :

Performance Management, coaching and mentoring employees, basic IR related fundamentals & the softer components of people management (values of the company, competency driven training, trust, building relationships, empathy, listening etc.) will therefore capture the heart of the employee, if implemented properly and with genuine care and good intention. These salient points should not be just talk, but should be consistently visible and coincide with the ethos of the companies values and ethical playground.

So what is the ideal environment for employees? Employees thrive in cultures that are inclusive, have a sense of “togetherness” , synergy, collaboration, clearly defined rules and regulations, transparency, demonstration of fairness and equality, great leadership, consistent communication and demonstrations of all employees (including management) contributing to achieving divisional and company goals.

A cherry on the top, would be exposure to business strategy and having faith and proven actions that management appreciates their efforts.

During these difficult economic times, I firmly believe that employees can be retained through Great Leadership.

Yes – for sure….Compensation and Benefits, Culture, communication, career development etc. are hygiene factors to retention whereas Formal and Informal recognition, Workplace initiatives are seen as secondary HR retention interventions.

However Good Leadership can be, no doubt the crux of retaining key talent within your company….so Leaders out there, you hold the power to contribute positively to your organization, similarly to the power a parent wields over developing his/her child.

Challenge your leadership abilities – absorb, teach, nurture, engage, grow & stay humble!!

Remember “together with Great power, comes great responsibility…..”



By Prithi Chetty (Talent Manager: Africa – Samsung Electronics)

Prithi Chetty