[Watch]: The moment that turned an Umlazi kid into a business guru

April 18, 2016


How did a black matriculant who wrote literally hundreds of applications for a study loan – and became intimately acquainted with rejection – end up presenting himself to an intimidating panel of old white people who would change his life? Exactly what occurred to propel this young man into the august bastions of business academia, iconic financial institutions and the rarified environs of entrepreneurial endeavour? What momentous combination of apparently coincidental circumstances, personal determination, curiosity and unashamed ambition propelled Andile Khumalo on to become the chief investment officer of MSG Afrika Investment Holdings, the founder of MyStartUp and the former president of Abasa?

In this 11-minute video Khumalo tells us – with all of the wit and charm that has become his trademark as a business talk show host and respected contributor to a number of business publications.

Tipping Point is an inspiring, informative video series featuring SA’s top achievers sharing pivotal points in their lives and careers.


Watch it here –  https://youtu.be/1IkA1JmZqjY 


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By John Culverwell.